Crowding God

The woman was sweet-natured, giving, loved by so many who met her, efficient in what she did, and had a good business.

But fear threatened to snuff out the gifts and abilities in her for one simple reason: lack of confidence.

There’s someone else who experienced something similar. Gideon (Judges 6). Why? Because he hid from his enemy, felt afraid of who he wasn’t, and expressed shock when the angel of the Lord told him his assignment. Gideon lacked assurance in who he was in God and possibly in who God was.

These are two examples spread generations apart and yet relevant to most people. They are both relevant to me because I’ve been in both places: People telling me I’m good at what I do and hiding in fear over the work God gave me.

In the story of Gideon, I’ve been touched by the way God spoke to him in the future sense of the potential God saw in him. After doing a Bible study on this Biblical narrative, I began asking God to show me the potential He saw in me and free me from the fears that at times paralyzed me. Little by little (thankfully not all at once since I likely couldn’t have handled it), God gave me glimpses of how He saw me and what He had for me.

I wish the truth was I always stand in what He showed me. I’m still learning and growing to trust Him each day.

Recently, as I was praying for this friend I mentioned earlier and praying for myself to continue to grow in His truth for me, another thought crossed my mind.

This lack of confidence keeps me from living in the fullness God has for me. I keep trying to push through instead of dealing with whatever issue keeps me from functioning in God’s confidence in us.

I make excuses.

I can’t do _______ because I don’t have the resources.

I can’t do _______ since I’m not smart enough.

I can’t _______ as I have physical issues that inhibit it.

I won’t _______. I’m lazy and don’t want to make the effort.

These reasons I use to keep me from doing are barriers the devil puts up to hinder me from living in the confidence of God in me. I allow devil-made or self-made issues to stop me from experiencing all God has for me.

Essentially, I allow circumstances to crowd God from completely demonstrating His fullness in my life.

God’s work and His love are rich and large because He is so great and excellent as He has my best in mind.

But, He will not push His way into an area of my life that I have yet to turn over to Him. He may show me what I need to release to Him or get rid of within myself, yet until I’m ready to do that and ready to ask for His confidence to move in me and His power to strengthen me, He will wait.

Facing this new year, I do not want to make excuses anymore. I want to stand in God’s confidence in His work and in His desire for me. I don’t want to limit or crowd out God’s fullness from my life by focusing on fear and doubt instead of Him.

Spend some time remembering God is bigger than any fear or doubt. Let’s ask Him to help us walk in the fullness of letting His work and light shine through us as we face the future He already sees.

Happy New Year.


Photo credit: Unsplash-Ava Sol

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