Overwhelming Circumstances or Overwhelming Victory

Doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of overwhelming circumstances in our world right now? Many people face devastating situations every day. Some live with chronic issues that would make the strongest of weight lifters shrink in despair. Other individuals deal with remorse, insurmountable pressure from others around them, or over the death of a loved one if not something greater. These challenges can feel too burdensome to bear.

During my life, I have coped with multiple physical trials. The load of attempting to thrive while dealing with matters of life can grow heavy. Not only do the physical obstacles require effort and zap strength, but so do bombarding questions.

How much longer will I have my sight?

When will the pain in my hands escalate to the point I can no longer write?

Am I sitting correctly so my back and neck won’t spasm?

Is my blood sugar too high or too low to write coherently?

Where will the next throbbing originate?

Is it even possible to piece together the puzzle of decisions I need to make since each one balances on the other?

How many more of my friends will face monstrous challenges or die before Christ returns?

From deep within the questions, the overwhelming waves crash over me and threaten to hurl me against life’s rocks.

Have you been there? At times can your situation feel too much to bear?

Recently, my cousin came to visit. As we caught up, I told her of the latest challenges affecting me. She’s dealt with her own so I knew she would offer a benevolent ear.

Surprisingly, her compassion wasn’t the most impacting detail she shared.

She said, “Well, when what you’ve been doing isn’t working, you’ll just find another way to do what needs to be done.”

Her matter-of-fact words echoed through my heart and caught my breath.

You see, I’d reached the point of not being sure I could or wanted to try and find another way over the mountain of struggles. Too many times, I used the word “overwhelming” or “overwhelmed” to describe the torrent around me.

But I took the memory of her gentle words to our heavenly Father. The longer I prayed and pondered, the more Romans 8:37 coursed through my mind.

In this verse, the word “overwhelming” has a different meaning. Some translations read, “we are more than conquerors,” which is inspiring. But in the New American Standard Bible and the New Living Translation, the verse says, “we overwhelmingly conquer” which means “surpassing,” “more than,” or refers to “overwhelming victory.”

What could be a heavy negative word morphs into a powerful positive one.

Even during the most challenging time, God’s overwhelming victory is possible. He’s the one who can and will change my perspective if I will allow Holy Spirit to do His work. He can prod me to focus on Him instead of whatever health challenge is before me. From deep within my unfocused soul, He can whisper words of hope reminding me to trust Him. And I take my first steps toward victory.

The next time I feel the crush of circumstances and I can’t see my way over, around, or through them, I have a choice to make; surrender or replay truth. Instead of focusing on what appears, I will look for another option as I choose to see the opportunity for overwhelming victory through God’s strength.

Are you facing an overwhelming moment or many of them? I encourage you to spend time with multiple translations of Romans 8:37. If you need, I’ll let you borrow my cousin’s words, “When what you’ve been doing isn’t working, you’ll just find another way to do what needs to be done.”



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  1. Well you hit the nail on the head for us this summer. I have been in terrible pain most of the pandemic and the doctors have no real help. I need back surgery but they feel it is too risky, but isn’t constant pan risky too. I am, because this is what they decided, going to Accupuncture treatments. Do they do any good? No except the little Christian Korean lady who does it sings to me and prays for a miracle.
    On other fronts we started on vacation 3 times and had to return home due to car trouble. The fix was way over our heads – we were considering selling a car, etc when God touched the heart of someone who gave a huge money gift to pay for repairs. We kept looking for the reason God wanted us home. Jay said “It was to get the truck fixed”. People heard that we couldn’t even go out of our driveway or ever pull our trailer and go camping. And if that was God’s will we’ll we were ready to do that. But instead God worked a miracle and when our money was gone, “HIS” money paid the bills. Now do I believeHe could heal me? Absolutely! Just like He produced money, He could heal, but He is not choosing to. Same with you Susan, if He code to He could breath healing into you. So you and I will figure other ways to accomplish what He has set out for us to do Eph 2:10

    1. Author

      Amen, Harriet! Thank you so much for sharing all God has been doing. He truly is amazing and our wonderful Abba to care as He does and show that care in unique ways. I pray you see relief from the pain. Thank you for commenting. God bless.

  2. Susan, this story reminded me of a Bible verse:Proverbs 3:5,6
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.
    All people have issues,and if we will trust in Him, He will show us the way.

    1. Author

      Thank you for sharing those verses, Josie. Yes, trust and listen/watch for Him to show the way. So important. Thank you for commenting. God bless you.

  3. This is very thought provoking. 😉 There is a current ,popular song on Christian radio today about God being a “way maker, over comer”… Out of curiosity, I looked for a Bible verse referring to this. Found it in Isaiah 43:15-16. When we fill discouraged in a situation, His Word gives us great strength and encouragement. Don’t give up! Dee❤️❤️

    1. Author

      I love this, Dee! Thank you for sharing it. Inspiring once again.

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