When I was young, there were a number of bullies in my life. Some girls made fun of my clothes, my weight, my lack of material possessions. A few boys postured themselves aroundRead More

The picture seemed all askew. Why would the artist paint a scene so difficult to understand? No matter how much I looked at the scene, I couldn’t figure it out.   I tookRead More

Crisp air floated around me as wisps of deep-green grass bowed, straightened, then bowed again. Shadows drew back to the base of the mountain as the sun continued its ascent. ​A bird doveRead More

There’s no pain as life-changing as the loss of a loved one. It is immense. And it’s a common thread throughout humanity. I have experienced heartache that hangs on like a bull riderRead More

Women stood in worship and raised their voices to God. The song spoke of upstretched hands, and I raised mine high. But I couldn’t keep them elevated. Weakness pulled stronger than my desireRead More

You may not know this, but I’m a writer. Creating stories in my mind occupied much of my time as a child. Over the years, I’ve scribbled ideas on napkins (though that willRead More

Thoughts swirled like dust bunnies released from captivity. Self-talk pulled me farther down with each ticking moment. “You’re not good enough.” “No one wants to pick you.” “What makes you think anyone wouldRead More

It’s Christmas Eve morning. The lights of the tree glisten, soft music plays in the background. As is my tradition and in order to prepare my heart for Christmas, I’m sitting with aRead More

Malls, craft fairs, web stores, and many other places are busy with people either trying to find the perfect gift for someone they love or looking for something to add to their ownRead More

“You’re so dependent, it drives me crazy.” “Raise your kids to be independent thinkers.” “Why should I be dependent on anyone else? I’ve got this.” “I want my independence.” “A woman should neverRead More