“How can you be so calm? The world is going nuts all around us, but you’re not.” Dacia paced from one end of her great-aunt’s office to the other. Her heels clacked againstRead More

The trail steepened as I darted up the worn path. With a glance back, I released a sigh. No footprints left. One deliberate step after another, the distance to the water lessened. TheRead More

“Yes, I love to teach about God’s sovereignty.” Miriam glanced at her friend. “You teach about it all the time—” “That’s how strongly I believe in it.” “But there’s got to be more.”Read More

I’m going to have a heart attack if Kiara doesn’t slow down. Laura tried to quicken her step. “I’m scared.” Kiara picked up her pace again. “What’s your greatest fear?” Laura grabbed herRead More

Amanza swiped at her scarred left arm, then with that hand, rubbed the permanent-crooked fingers on her right. Would the self-consciousness ever lessen? ​From outside the youth room at the church, Amanza heardRead More

Anina looked at the wall hanging. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the waves in the painting. She squinted to enhance her vision and get a clearer picture of the individual waterRead More

Saddle sore and weary from hours of trail riding, Moriah dropped from the side of her pinto mustang. “Good girl, River. How about some water and food.” She pulled her arms over herRead More

Maggie pushed on the cold door, stepped through, and opened her umbrella. Multiple Sclerosis. What was she to do with that? Thoughts swirled as she stepped off the curb and leaned into theRead More

“Oh God, please help me with this one,” Linda whispered as she walked back to her classroom. Her hand slid across the hallway handrail. The warmth of the corridor belied the coldness sheRead More

Katharina and Caleigh fell across the beds laughing. Each held their sides and rolled back and forth. When she could finally catch her breath, Caleigh looked up at Sophia. “That’s the funniest storyRead More