Life is so unfair. I scuffed my thinning shoes against the pavement as I walked. Once, long ago, Momma would have agreed with me, but she took the coward’s way out. She leftRead More

“Tricia! Get out. Hurry!” Mom’s voice called out between coughs. “Slide down the stairs on your stomach. Stay low.” “But I need—” “No, you don’t. Hurry!” Her words seemed softer and farther awayRead More

“You want me to climb that?” Stina leaned her head back farther. The mountain’s peak stood sentinel against the wakening skyline. “You have to remember how new I am at this stuff.” GingerRead More

Tamara pulled a pair of tennis shoes from the back corner of the closet and blew off a year’s worth of accumulated dust. She slipped them on, tied the laces, then walked towardRead More

The early-morning sun hinted at the edge of the mountain, then danced through the lone sprawling oak in the yard. A tire swing swayed on long twisted vines as the whippoorwill’s trill sangRead More

“How can you be so calm? The world is going nuts all around us, but you’re not.” Dacia paced from one end of her great-aunt’s office to the other. Her heels clacked againstRead More

The trail steepened as I darted up the worn path. With a glance back, I released a sigh. No footprints left. One deliberate step after another, the distance to the water lessened. TheRead More

“Yes, I love to teach about God’s sovereignty.” Miriam glanced at her friend. “You teach about it all the time—” “That’s how strongly I believe in it.” “But there’s got to be more.”Read More

I’m going to have a heart attack if Kiara doesn’t slow down. Laura tried to quicken her step. “I’m scared.” Kiara picked up her pace again. “What’s your greatest fear?” Laura grabbed herRead More

Amanza swiped at her scarred left arm, then with that hand, rubbed the permanent-crooked fingers on her right. Would the self-consciousness ever lessen? ​From outside the youth room at the church, Amanza heardRead More