Have you ever felt like circumstances are too difficult? Do you find yourself believing nothing good could ever happen? Does fear grow inside like a weed or despair take more of your thoughts than you’d like? Do you believe the lie that whatever you’re facing is impossible? Are these feelings keeping you from grasping on to the confidence of God?

When we watch life’s storms around us, we can become overwhelmed with them. But when we turn our focus on God, confidence and faith grow. That is where hope begins—knowing He is still in charge and He will give whatever is needed to face any situation. In this truth, He quiets the storms.

I create stories of hope and devotionals that point to God as our perfect source of confidence.

My goal is to point you back to the truth of who God is. By holding tightly to hope, and keeping our eyes on Him, we can release the burden of lies and let Him heal the scars, which fear have left behind.